Amazonian Indigenous leaders share Earth Day message with the world

‘Caring for the forests is caring for your life and future generations’

“Caring for the forests of the Amazon is caring for your life and future generations.” -Rosa Cerda, CONFENIAE

Photo: Ivan Kashinsky

Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative

The Indigenous leaders in the video are part of the Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative, an Indigenous-led effort working to advance a different model for the Amazon region. The initiative is grounded in ecological stewardship and cultural vibrancy and the expansion of Indigenous rights and territories, instead of the business-as-usual models of extraction that often don’t benefit local communities and leave behind a toxic legacy.

“Indigenous people defend the forests. Let’s defend the defendants.” -Jorge Perez, ORPIO

“The Amazon Basin and the Indigenous peoples’ territories are a guarantee for the global climate equilibrium. Therefore, we need an Amazonia alive to protect humanity.” -Tuntiak Katan, COICA

Photo: Amazon Watch

We challenge corporations and governments to treat people and the environment with respect, because our lives depend on it.