The fashion industry is at a crossroads: Ditch fossil fuels or continue with pollution as usual?

Fashion’s biggest sustainability event of the year — the Copenhagen Fashion Summit — is about to kick off. Here’s what leading brands need to do to clean up their climate pollution and build back green after the COVID-19 pandemic.

If fashion brands were waiting for the right time to actually stop runaway climate change — by weaving tighter relationships with suppliers and shifting their supply chains away from fossil fuels — the time is clearly now. Photo credit: Pixabay
Climate leadership by companies with supply chains in nations expanding coal-fired power — locations responsible for generating more than 95% percent of the sector’s total emissions — will send the signals that will ultimately drive access to renewable energy. Photo credit: Pexels

Is climate ambition on the CFS+ agenda?

Renewable energy advocacy is a critical tool for brands with supply chains in countries that rely heavily on coal-fired power and do not yet provide significant access to renewables. Photo credit: Pexels

Sustainability movers & shakers

Fashion industry needs bold climate policy

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