When we fight, we win: How communities across North America are stopping fossil fuel projects

This is a story about hope in dark times, about people saying #PermissionDenied to one dirty energy project after another.

1. WesPac mega oil terminal

  • What: An oil train terminal/tank farm that would have moved 88M barrels/year of explosive Bakken oil through CA
  • Where: Pittsburg, CA
  • Status: #PermissionDenied in April 2015

2. Valero Refinery Expansion

  • What: Plan to bring in a 100 car-long oil train every day
  • Where: Benicia, CA
  • Status: #PermissionDenied in September 2016

3. Phillips 66 San Franciso Refinery Expansion

  • What: Oil train project would have brought 5 tar sands trains a week through communities across California
  • Where: Santa Maria, CA
  • Status: #PermissionDenied in September 2016

4. Tesoro Savage Vancouver Energy

5. Gateway Pacific Terminal

  • What: North America’s largest proposed coal export terminal
  • Where: Traditional Lummi territory of Xwe’chi’eXen, just north of Bellingham, WA
  • Status: #PermissionDenied #TreatyWin

6. 3 bad ideas, one small community

  • What: 3 Oil Train Terminals
  • Where: Grays Harbor, WA
  • Status: #PermissionDenied between 2015 and 2017

7. Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline

  • What: A tar sands pipeline to get Canadian crude onto tankers in the Pacific
  • Where: Alberta to BC
  • Status: Rejected by the courts and communities #PermissionDenied

8. Shell Puget Sound Refinery Oil Train Expansion

  • What: terminal proposed to accept 6 unit trains a week full of bakken crude oil
  • Where: Anacortes, WA
  • Status: #PermissionDenied in October 2016. #ShellNo

9. Millennium Bulk Coal Terminal

  • What: An enormous coal export terminal on the Columbia River
  • Where: Longview, WA
  • Status: #PermissionDenied

10. Trans Mountain Pipeline

  • What: A 65 year old oil pipeline, and its massive expansion proposal
  • Where: From Alberta to Vancouver, BC
  • Status: #PermissionDenied (but not yet dead)

11. Phillips 66 Refinery expansion for tar sands processing

  • What: Plan to double oil tankers and expand to start processing tar sands
  • Where: Rodeo, CA in #SFBay
  • Status: Agencies performing an environmental analysis



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